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MakeSense Labs is a new firm that is focused on research, training and technology incubation. It works with Indian youth – especially engineering students – and helps them learn and ‘make’ in India.


MakeSense Labs has already established laboratories that leverage the exciting technologies around the Internet of Things, augmented/virtual reality and mobility solutions in engineering colleges and high schools around India. The MakeSense package includes cutting edge hardware, peripheral devices, facilitated face to face learning, self-paced learning tools and real time interaction between makers and mentors.


Current training content is focused on the Internet of Things, Analytics and Machine Learning. Ideation and Innovation workshops are offered to participating students as a core component of the package. Most currently relevant hardware platforms are covered. 


MakeSense Labs and its associates – FICE and Sapience Consulting -  have a strong presence in the Indian education system. FICE and Sapience Consulting have worked with most state technical universities and around 2000 engineering colleges in India. FICE and MakeSense Labs have organized several Ideation/Innovation Camps, contests and Prototyping Camps. More than 200 workshops have been conducted across India through 2017.